Best luxury capsule Hotel in Tokyo

I’m going business class style and comparing two different luxury capsule hotels in Tokyo! I’m checking into this hotel a little late, around midnight- this tour won’t be my normal style.

First up First Cabin. There’s a bar and restaurant here, but I’m more interested in the snack vending machine. It’s late however, everything is deep-fried! I think I’ll get a drink for bed instead. Hotel guests are already sleeping and Japanese really tend to respect the rule of being “quiet”. The design is Airport Business Class themed. At around $40 for a Monday night, it’s one of the pricier options I’ve stayed at. Seeing as you can bring luggage into the sleeping area, you can lock your room with a card. But larger luggage will have to stay outside your room. But here I have a bit more than a pod. I have a room! Smocks ~whoever thought of brown? Toiletries~ towel, toothbrush and washcloth- that’s it! I appreciate that they have to 110 voltage plug outlets. This is the first hotel to charge for rental adapters. Because I brought my own adapter, I don’t like this idea. Ladies restroom or powder room ~ they’ve got some facial moisturizers and stuff. Pretty standard from the other capsule hotels. Hmm slippers to go into the toilet area. Not a fan of these. (Japanese)Toto luxury toilet, nothing outside the ordinary if this is standard for Tokyo.

This is a Jacuzzi spa area~ no time for that. Shower stall- community soaps and shampoos! I like that I can climb into these without having to bend down or climb up a ladder. Then again I’m still getting on my knees to enter. You obviously can HEAR the central air conditioning.

Unlike other hotels I’ve stayed at, I can HEAR it but I FEEL it. Okay let’s turn that sound off. This space feels narrower than my pods but it has a small counter to put belongings I want with me, like my camera bag. I can hang out and whisper chat with friends if I want, I’ll probably never use this.

I’m finding that luxury capsule hotels are defined by having a higher ceiling. Okay let’s go inside my room~ I have two hangers for my clothes and a huge flat-screen TV, which I can watch, but I need to wear the headphones. ..Where are the headphones? I am five feet eight (inches) and I have about a foot and a half reach before touching my door. Apologies guys it’s about 2 a.m. right now I’m a bit tired tonight. Bedtime It’s 10pm and I’m staying in Asakusa at MyCube. It feels like a relatively new brand and the price significantly less on the weekends ~ about the same as my other pod-style capsule hotels!

Ooh nice design, I love the spacious and vibrant or stylish design of the hallways. The patterns excite my eyes which makes me feel all energetic and tingly. My room?Uh- oh, it’s right next to the door… and the trash can. Here you’re allowed to bring your luggage into the sleeping area. Store your luggage down below ~kind of like storing your carry on in an overhead compartment of a plane. The noise– not so cool. Steps if you’re a small person who needs help getting into your bed. Very nice cubicle room space. Toiletries… Oh brown smock again?

Hang this door. Toiletries jackpot!!! They’ve got a huge stash here to fit your every needs (in oil, moisturizers…) I really appreciate that. Took these cool of amenities, the facial cleanser. It’s really hard to feel lovely in these smocks. They are one-size-fits-all and they’re extra baggy. We can hang our clothes inside by our head, which we don’t like but thankfully you can also hang it outside! Control panel… Plug out — not so keen on this. The size doesn’t quite fit. Time to go to bed! Oooh memory foam. How’d this escape me? I need to do my Tokyo beauty ritual first. Thanks for watching let me know what you think of these capsule hotels. Which one do you prefer? Stay tuned -I’ll also be doing a roundup tour of my best capsule hotels of Tokyo and I’ll be sharing some tips on booking them!