Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya

Welcome to our amazing hotel tour boom oh my gosh talk about this deal hot tub in the room yes I’ll take it.

Alright you guys welcome to our amazing hotel tour we are at the Hard Rock Hotel in the Riviera Maya and it is amazing I’m so excited to show you guys so let’s go okay so this is awesome they have you come to this this is like the foyer I guess what it’s a mate and there’s a boy behind the door anyway this is just kind of like another hallway because there’s two rooms that we’re filling up because we have eight people in our family so this is just kind of where nothing really happens but it’s just beautiful all right so let’s start with the kids room first all right so we have a big closet right here and then we have three drawers each kid got their own let’s see there we go and they had super cute beach towel rolled up when we got here and and they have the cutest little things to eat like they’re taking such good care of us here so let’s do a tour their bathroom check this out you guys a huge shower I have shower Abbey and then the bathroom has its own like cool glass door and these stores are so cool they can swing in or out and then we have a double sink and these kind of are shutters that go to the bedroom you totally go but it’s just nice to have a little bit light shine through um let’s see plenty of toiletries and then we have the room this is the coolest thing they set up a little crib for Evie even though she’s a little too old for it we haven’t used it but like that’s so convenient that they do that for you if you need it and then we have a Jacuzzi in the room and that’s just cool hot tub in the room yes I’ll take it and then we have two full size beds and this is my favorite part a little and on the balcony is of course its Mexico you have to have a little ham right.

Oh my goodness this is heaven yeah sure come here here we have all the fun water activities rock walk kids activities there’s a wedding gonna be happening right there there was a wedding yesterday, oh yeah oh yeah I’m the ocean, by the way right there no big deal oh my goodness, okay I’m gonna be here for another 40 minutes now continue the tour I love you.

Sure okay fine time’s up under watch the hammock all righty let’s go show them my room all right so here is the main part of the hotel it has a bathroom like a and then I has this beautiful living area that turns into a king-sized bed like hide-a-bed king-sized what Susie and Paul have been taking this one and but it was like the prettiest white and black couch it totally not she’s chairs it was for this and then we have a kitchenette there isn’t a stove but obviously you would eat a cook here because it’s all inclusive so that’s the cool thing about this place is it’s all inclusive all your drinks all of your food everything is just included in the price of the hotel room and so it has been the coolest thing ever because you just walk into any restaurant they even have like amazing Japanese grills and it’s just like included like it’s amazing they have plenty of drinking water which is also included like a lot of hotels every time you open a water it’s like four dollars no it’s all included and this is a mess alright so they keep stocked with lots of dreams and this is so cool you guys check this out a large table facility cuz room service is also included how cool is that and here’s the deck.

I got to talk about this dude holy cow this is seriously the best so awesome and then come on up here we have another balcony at the top of the balcony I love the spiral staircase that goes up this is so amazing so this is just so much you could eat up here and then also you can just tell the front desk that you want them to come fill up your hot tub and they come and fill it up and you can it’s like automatically warm right when they fill it up it’s awesome we sat in this last night it was so fun alright and my favorite area of the whole entire hotel room is this the key size master suite it’s so comfortable and I just wanted to sleep there for a minute another Jacuzzi in the room there’s also a drawer to the balcony right here NW still can’t get over the deal and then we have a master bathroom taking it to the kitchen here’s the closet and a chest of drawers giant shower with a drying rack for your suits um lots of storage in here a bathroom and that is the entire tour and I hope you guys liked it if you are making a trip to Mexico Cancun area you should definitely stay at Hard Rock Hotel it is amazing and I will put a link below so you guys can check out all the details and yeah now we’re gonna go and play in the resort because they have water parks Rock claiming they have obstacle courses ninja warrior ups of courses of trampoline park like we are gonna have so much fun and we’re gonna go explore and check out the rest of the research.