Hotel The Andaz Maui

The Andaz Maui is certainly an fashionable resort, but it can still be a really worth for what you get.

And most considerably for me, it’s much smaller than the most of the big chain resorts. It’s not the kind of place where you have to mind right down to the beach at 6 the. m. to place a book on the seaside chair if you hope to make use of a single later in the day.

It is a wonderful hotel, that offers a lot, even though it will be part of a chain this does not exude that ‘resort factory’ really feel.

It’s still in a holiday resort region, to be sure. It’s just across the street through Hilton’s Grand Wailea Waldorf home (itself a behemoth, even though an excellent behemoth). But once upon home you get a much more boutique-y encounter.

By doing so it’s a contrast towards the final two properties I remained from on Maui, the Westin Boasts and the Hyatt Regency Boasts in Lahaina, on the opposite finish from the island from Wailea in which the Andaz is located.

Here’s why the particular Andaz Maui is my favorite hotel within the isle, the things I like best about this, as well as the drawbacks you should watch out for within choosing to stay there.

Value for your Areas

Room rates can vary a great deal however in general I don’t find the real estate to become much more expensive (and occasionally much less expensive) than the Hyatt Regency Boasts. Rates hovering around $400 the night are not cheap, nevertheless the Sheraton gets that much this could still be a family member value.

What I believe is a excellent value is Money and Factors, which – whenever available – runs 12, five hundred points plus $150 per evening.

Of course constantly compare this to some paid space rate — I might say this particular ‘breaks even’ with $300 for each night so if you can find any huge sales (e. gary the device guy. “3rd night free”) the compensated rate could come out much less.

In any case, cash and points or even compensated rate including 20% away from ‘My Elite Rate’, Hyatt’s Gemstone people can use a confirmed package improve.

A suite which textbooks to the partial ocean view group intended for $150 plus 12, five hundred factors per night is a fantastic worth without a doubt.

After all, a cash update in order to a partial ocean watch area (not suite) off of a typical compensated booking would run $75 the night.

The Room Itself

I was privileged that as a Diamond they enhanced me a category higher than the part ocean view suite to one using a better view of the ocean.

This might have been luck as a Diamond (I’ve seen plenty of reports of lucking out this way), or it could be because I was originally booked to stay at the hotel when it first opened, but when opening was pushed returning twice I wound up unable to go to. They didn’t offer an explanation, however I’ll definitely take the better watch.

The room itself didn’t impress with regards to design or size. It was around the size of two regular rooms, which often isn’t usually the sort of package I prefer to burn upgrade certification for. But it was 3 nights on Maui and I got our ocean view, so I was definitely pleased.

The shower is stunning, it’s one of the longest showers I use seen though not especially wide. Overall the bathroom is huge in addition was probably my favorite feature from your room. The only strange thing is the fact that there seemed like there was a set on with an adjustable shower head on the specific wall of the shower, but there is only the rain shower above in fact there.

There was also no drinking water in bottles. There’s actually simply no plastic bottled waters on real estate, so they offer you a plastic refillable container at abfertigung. I let the bellman deliver our luggage and he delivered two containers with him.

With turndown the hotel would provide recylable glass bottles with strained drinking water.

The plastic bottles and cup containers weren’t enough for me, therefore please criticize my environmental ethic yet I brought my own plastic storage containers purchased at a nearby grocery to the property to drink.

The lanai spanned the length of the suite but was slim, not much room to move about and also have a meal outside. The furniture for the balcony wasn’t especially comfortable.

The exact standouts were:

the cheery hand crafted and above and beyond attitude, giving the particular ‘tour’ of breakfast and the offer to make anything we wished

possessing a beach chair set up from two o’clock in the afternoon without wait around on request and for free of charge

the particular valet bringing a handbag out there front for me after I acquired still left the hotel, realized I actually did not remember something in the room, plus overturn — by the time I got back again that they had it out of the room plus awaiting me.

Everything I requested has been no problem at all, getting house cleaning while i wanted it for instance. Sometimes personnel could be confused. There’s the twenty-four hour convenience store plus cafe on the lobby level and they also might often make the wrong espresso for me personally. But then they would happily re-make this to spec. So it simply got a little longer. (There’s in-room espresso as well. )

And it was not only the beach, either, I found services on the pool to be quite great (some have felt they had to wait for too long for service but that was not my experience). And getting the particular chair down there just wasn’t the particular problem… both at the main pool and the adult’s only pool that is quieter and more secluded.

A Really Amazing Breakfast

The Andaz Maui certainly offers one of the very best hotel breakfasts. They call it their ‘breakfast experience’ and what makes it unique isn’t advantage quality offerings (an easy solution to tell the quality is by the cash — in this case thick, meaty, certainly not too much fat and very flavorful).

The initial morning when I went to breakfast I used to be asked if I had visited just before and when I said I had not necessarily I was given a tour through the buffet. I don’t think I’ve a brand new tour of breakfast before.

People with made it unique was the attitude they would get you anything at all that you preferred, entirely apart from what they had out there or on the menu. If they got it in the restaurant you could have this particular.

This was what we were told from check-in. “Just ask for what you desire. ”

I don’t know how far it is possible to push this really. This is a $44++ buffet, but it was free to myself as a Gold Passport Diamond connect. And when I I mentioned which will since I was on Maui I would love some fresh fish, they will just asked ‘Did I have any type of particular fish in mind? ’

I actually offered that I was happy with no matter the chef thought was the best which usually he had that morning, however he or she wanted to prepare it. She still left to discuss, came back and reassured this could be taken care of. And so it was

The particular eating place does get busy sometimes. The particular servers really varied within high quality. So it might be tougher or even a wait around when they’re super active.

The only knock on morning meal is it can get busy, busy much less therefore sitting outside even when the particular cafe is full. Overall the experience is not since key as I prefer.

Generally later on in the morning is busier yet We never had a problem sitting down outdoors. Although I found seating left after i walked outside to be much more pleasurable, as sitting to the correct I had fashioned a view right over the roofing of the pool bar.

Our last suggestion on breakfast would be to request the ‘pourover’ coffee they create at the juice bar. It is actually very good for hotel buffet coffee.

Several have been told that will breakfast can be obtained to Diamonds through room services but I was informed that’s false when I asked.


If you have an area looking out over the major pool there is absolutely no privacy. Anyone on the pool can easily see up onto your lanai. Anyone in breakfast can see on your lanai.

Plus there are several spots, specifically with fourth floor rooms, exactly where people strolling alongside one of the resort’s paths can easily see not just onto your lanai but also into the room.

On the other hand, I used to be in the Akau wing which is curved away from the particular resort, and supplied substantially better privacy. You did not have individuals walking by generally there often , as well as the 5th floor (lobby level) exactly where my room had been situated has been hard to see into).

There’s simply no resort fee on the property, therefore that’s really a good upside. Yet there’s no personal parking. As the hotel does offer transport into Wailea, most people will have a vehicle. You will not want to stay on real estate, it’s a competent way to get to plus from the airport terminal, and you’re a lot more independent plus able to explore the particular island. Valet parking is $30 per day. Evidently they only record cars right away, so some are actually known to make use of valet parking {in the daytime} and then recreation area off property during the night about a 10 to 15 minute walk away even though I did not really choose to explore that will option.